Business Telephones

From affordable entry-level phones to products that deliver advanced applications to the desktop, Mitel offers a broad range of analog, digital, and IP phones, consoles, conference units and peripherals.
Building on a legacy of success at the desktop Mitel phones combine the ergonomics, feature-richness, and voice quality users expect.

Mitel 5200 Series IP Desktop

Mitel Navigator
Mitel Navigator is a breakthrough communications device that radically enhances the meaning of voice, video and data convergence on the desktop. With an entirely new form factor, Mitel Navigator delivers an unrivalled user experience and can be personally tailored for specific horizontal and vertical market applications.
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Mitel 5201 IP Phone
Cost-effective, entry-level IP Phone that offers easy access to basic telephony and messaging services. Designed for common areas and occasional users who require access to basic telephony and messaging services.
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Mitel 5212 IP Phone
Dual-port, dual mode, enterprise-class IP Phone with speakerphone, multi-line display and user-programmable access to features and applications , provides intuitive user access to sophisticated call handling and converged applications
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Mitel 5224 IP Phone
Dual-port, dual mode, enterprise-class IP phone with multi-line display, full duplex handsfree operation, context sensitive softkeys, and XML support for applications development.
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Mitel 5230 IP Phone
Web-enabled IP phone that fully integrates the PDA to provide unparalleled desktop integration and location transparency across the network.
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Mitel 5235 IP Phone
Full-feature enterprise-class telephone with a large, backlit touch-screen providing users with real-time access to applications and services such as web browsing, directory management and visual voice mail.
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IP Peripherals and Consoles

Mitel Line Interface Module
Discrete optional module that integrates into the 5224 IP Phone (Dual Mode) and provides a separate connection to an analog line. The patented Line Interface Module enhances the Mitel Teleworker Solution, and extends Mitel's resiliency strategy for IP communications from the core of the network to the Desktop!
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Mitel IP Programmable Key Modules 12 and 48
The Mitel 5412 and 5448 IP PKMs can easily add 12, 48 or up to 96 buttons to the existing 24 buttons of the 5224 IP Phone.
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Mitel 5310 IP Conference Unit
Full duplex IP audio conference unit features exclusive acoustic beam forming technology to eliminate ambient room noise and sidebar conversations.
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Mitel 5550 IP Console
Advanced PC-based IP console and administration application with intuitive Graphical User Interface that includes screen-based call status, call handling prompts call waiting indicators and Phonebook lookup.
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