Conferencing And Collaboration

Mitel's Conferencing and Collaboration portfolio includes a wide range of solutions to help your business become more efficient, more productive and ultimately more profitable.

The portfolio includes the Mitel® Live Business Gateway that in conjunction with the Mitel 3300 ICP provides telephony integration to Microsoft® Office Live Communications Server 2005, a range of Video and Audio Conferencing solutions and the award winning Mitel Your Assistant desktop application. These solutions deliver real business benefits that are intuitive and easy to use.

Live Business Gateway
The Mitel® Live Business Gateway enables enterprises to implement IP-based solutions through a smooth, intelligent evolution. Working in conjunction with Microsoft® Office Live Communications Server, a SIP-based presence and collaboration server, the Mitel / Microsoft partnership delivers advanced applications for global communication and collaboration.


IGC Audio Conferencing
Intuitive IP and TDM based audio conferencing for ad hoc or fixed conferencing that delivers advanced features and functionality in conference bridge solutions ranging from 24 to 120 port variations.

Mitel 5310 IP Conference Unit
Full duplex IP audio conference unit features exclusive acoustic beam forming technology to eliminate ambient room noise and sidebar conversations.


Mitel Your Assistant

Mitel Your Assistant
Imagine controlling a telephone or conference call using simple drag-and-drop commands. Or having presence and availability capabilities to understand if someone is at their desk, on the phone or available for a secure chat. The Mitel Your Assistant desktop application is an advanced productivity tool that is redefining real-time communications within the enterprise.

Mitel Your Assistant Softphone module
Road warriors and teleworkers can enjoy the same intuitive communications management from a remote PC or laptop by using an embedded software-based IP telephone (Softphone) available with Mitel Your Assistant Softphone.

Mitel Your Assistant Video / Data
Collaboration module

The Mitel Your Assistant Video / Data collaboration module with USB web cam video brings distributed and integrated enterprise collaboration and softphone voice capability to a whole new level. Now, with full presence, availability, video communication and data collaboration, real-time communications are available from the office, the home or the remote mobile location of choice, all in a secure environment and without the encumbrance of hosted, expensive, by-the-minute charges.

Mitel Your Assistant Lite and Your Assistant
Lite Softphone

Your Assistant Lite is a free version of Your Assistant offering a subset of Your Assistant functionality, including PC-based call logging, screen pops for incoming calls, Microsoft Outlook integration and more. Your Assistant Lite mobile users always have the option to upgrade to the Your Assistant Lite Softphone with a wide range of enhanced business communications features.


VCON Media Xchange Manager
The Media Xchange Manager (MXM) is at the heart of VCON's integrated conferencing and collaboration solution. The architecture of the MXM makes it effectively multiple products layered together in one solution, providing combined value for the network administrator and the end user

VCON Conference Bridge 2000
The VCON Conference Bridge 2000 (VCB2000) combines traditional multipoint videoconferencing and streaming into a single, low-cost solution. This allows interactive conferences to be broadcasted to hundreds or thousands of passive participants via bandwidth-efficient multicasting.

VCON HD3000 Set-top Videoconferencing System
The HD3000 is VCON's newest and most advanced set-top conferencing system combining videoconferencing, streaming video and multipoint conferencing all in one. The high-quality, life-like video and crisp, clear audio guarantee that meeting participants are experiencing the best videoconferencing quality available.

VCON HD5000 Multimedia Conferencing System
The HD5000 is VCON's newest workgroup conferencing system that combines the versatility of a high-performance multimedia platform with high-quality videoconferencing. Utilizing the newest H.264 video standard, and clear, crisp audio, the HD5000 brings users face-to-face with the people and organizations they need to be in touch with.

VCON vPoint HD
vPoint HD is VCON's latest software client for personal conferencing. vPoint HD not only encompasses the highest quality audio and video on the market today, but also includes features and functionality that move it beyond a desktop videoconferencing application.

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