Mitel robust messaging solutions provide companies of all sizes with feature-rich capabilities to stay in touch with their mission critical messages and to retrieve, store and send messages in new and innovative ways.

Mitel NuPoint Messenger
Highly reliable, scalable, and providing integrated voice and fax messaging for the enterprise that can be accessed anywhere, NuPoint Messenger integrates with Mitel TDM and IP communications platforms, as well as non-Mitel TDM platforms.

Mitel Messaging Server
Robust unified messaging for enterprises that easily integrates within any existing email and fax infrastructure.

Embedded Messaging
Embedded Messaging provides a cost effective messaging solution for Mitel 3300 Integrated Communications Platforms.

Mitel Speech Server
Mitel Speech Server is an advanced new architecture that brings robust conversational speech recognition capabilities to a wide range of telephony solutions, applications and standalone platforms. The Speech Server is a speaker independent, flexible vocabulary technology allowing users to train the system to understand their voice without having to remember a fixed set of commands.

Contact Centers

Web-based Multimedia
Contact Center Management

Streamline management, enhance relationships

As a contact center manager, you know that meeting service level commitments and customer expectations is a daily, hourly, even minute-by-minute challenge. And it’s a challenge that’s becoming increasingly complex.

Having agents with the right skill sets on the job at the right time is just the beginning. You also have to match callers with the agents best able to help them – with minimal delay. It means you need to know what’s going on in real time and have the power to adjust your operations immediately. And it means you need to equip your agents with advanced tools and access to information so they can efficiently manage calls and serve customers – including those who contact you by email, fax or while on your web site. And at the end of the day, it means you need to know and demonstrate that you’re meeting service levels and delivering value to the enterprise. Which is where Mitel® 6100 Contact Center Solutions come in.

Evolve capabilities with web-based flexibility
Mitel 6100 Contact Center Solutions combine robust communications platforms, automatic call distribution (ACD), and a modular suite of feature-rich, web-based applications for streamlining contact center management and enabling advanced multimedia customer transactions. Mitel 6100 Contact Center Solutions give you the flexibility to add and integrate increasingly sophisticated capabilities as your needs change and grow. Web-based and multilingual, these applications are designed with the end user in mind. They deploy rapidly – no client software is required – and they support universal access, enabling your supervisors to manage, monitor and control contact center operations from any computer.

Mitel Automatic Call Distribution
Mitel Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) software is an integrated component to the switch that ensures customers are treated equitably and calls are routed efficiently.

Mitel 6110 Contact Center Management
Mitel 6110 Contact Center Management (CCM) application is the core component to efficiently handling your contact center operations.

Mitel Networks 6110 Contact Center Management Enterprise Node
The 6110 CCM Enterprise Node enables supervisors to monitor and react to contact center and agent activity across multiple sites/switches, ensuring effective management and utilization of resources across all sites/switches.

Mitel 6115 Interactive Contact Center
Mitel 6115 Interactive Contact Center (ICC) application allows supervisors to initiate an immediate response to changing call volumes, ensure resources are effectively deployed and manage situations involving agents and/or ACD queues.

Mitel 6120 Contact Center Scheduling/6125 Real-Time Schedule Adherence
Mitel 6120 Contact Center Scheduling (CCS) ensures that agent scheduling is not only simple, but optimized to meet your forecasted requirements.

Mitel 6140 Agent Portal
Mitel 6140 Agent Portal allows caller information from the contact center database to be displayed on the agent desktop at the time of the call

Mitel 6150 Multimedia Contact Center
Mitel 6150 Multimedia Contact Center (MCC) provides contact centers with the ability to seamlessly integrate multiple forms of media for improved customer responsiveness.

Mitel 6160 Intelligent Queue
Mitel 6160 IQ is an all-in-one, scalable, browser-based announcement solution for contact centers.

MiService Solutions
Mitel MiService Solutions deliver custom application development, and offers a complete range of advanced services geared towards helping to accelerate implementation of high-performance contact center solutions.

Remote Agents
The Mitel Teleworker Solution is an optional module that supports remote agents with complete access to voice and data capabilities that colleagues inside a contact center enjoy at the office


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