Alphanumeric Pager 6120

The 6120 Pager is as clever as it is simple. Designed for alphanumeric, numeric and tone-only paging systems, it’s a dream come true.
A great alternative to the Motorola pagers, the 6120 pager display is extra large - making messages easy to read when you are in a hurry. Coupled with the pager's hand programmable flexibility and fully synthesized operation, it is ideal for carriers and on-site paging systems alike.

  • 6 Pager Cap Codes
  • 2 Line Display
  • Synthesized Frequency
  • Large Font Display
  • 'Over-The-Air' Programming
  • Hand-Programmable
  • Priority Override
Genie 4 Line Alphanumeric Pager

The CommtechWireless Genie Pagers are in a class of their own. Pagers specifically designed for on-site paging systems, they're the perfect pagers for professionals on the move. Genie pagers are widely recognized as one of the more reliable pagers available.

  • 20 Characters Per Line
  • 4 Line Display
  • Alphanumeric
  • 8 Cap Code Addresses
  • Message Capacity of 60 Messages
  • Up to 500 Characters Per Message
  • 12 Selectable Languages
  • 700 Hours of Battery Life
  • Urgent Feature with Priority Override

Mercury 8 Line Pager

The Mercury 8 line display is a giant among pagers. With 8 lines at 21 characters per line, the Mercury 8 has enough room for vast amounts of information in a single message. Plus, the display can be zoomed to just 4 lines for tremendously large and easy to read text.
This remarkable alphanumeric wonder has a massive 60 message memory and 700 hours of battery life as well as a staggering 500 characters per message. Try the latest messaging miracle from CommtechWireless today and start living ‘large’.

  • 6 Pager Cap Codes
  • 8 Line Display
  • Synthesized Frequency
  • Zooms to 4 line with 17 characters
    per line
  • Windows Software Programmable
  • Store up to 60 messages
  • Priority Override

Patron Pager - Restaurant Pagers

The Patron Pager restaurant pager is the easiest way to contact patrons or guests in a restaurant or bistro.
When patrons order a meal at the bar, simply give them one of the Patron Pager restaurant pagers and invite them to enjoy a drink while they wait for their meal or dining table to be ready. When their meal is ready for collection, or they're ready to be seated, the bar person simply types the patron’s coaster pager number into the restaurant pager system (MAXPage) and the patron’s coaster pager will flash, beep or vibrate to let them know that their meal is ready for collection or that their table is ready.

  • Water Resistant Coaster Pager
  • LED, Audible, Vibrate alerts
  • 'Over-The-Air' Programming
  • Anti-Theft/Out-of-Range Alarm
  • Rechargeable Unit - No Batteries Required
  • Seven Segment Display Information Panel

MAXPage is a compact, ready-to-use, desktop paging system that is easy to install and operate. With a built in 4 Watt transmitter, MAXPage is ideal for small to medium sized paging applications.

  • Numeric Keypad
  • Onboard Configuration - No PC Required
  • Inbuilt Paging Transmitter
  • 1,000 Pager Capacity
  • 100 Group Capacity


The Maitre’d paging system was designed to assist restaurant staff to operate at a new level of efficiency and customer service. Maitre’d food runners are alerted via a pocket pager that a meal is ready for collection. Service becomes more efficient and guests receive their meals faster and hotter. Tables can be turned faster, and customers are more satisfied - all of which translates to greater market share, revenues and profits.

  • 16 Push Buttons For Alerting Staff
  • Optional Alphanumeric Messages
    per Button
  • Inbuilt 4W VHF/UHF Transmitter
  • Splash-Resistant Lexan Panel
  • Expansion Modules Available

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